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Plumbing Upgrade for Summer: Tips and Tricks for Homeowners

Plumbing Upgrade for Summer: Tips and Tricks for Homeowners

As the warm weather approaches, ensuring that your plumbing system is in tip-top shape is essential. The summer heat can put a strain on your plumbing, leading to potential problems that can be costly and inconvenient.  

However, with the right plumbing services for upgrades, you can avoid these issues and enjoy a smooth-sailing summer. Here are some of the top plumbing upgrades for warm weather:

1. Upgrade Your Outdoor Hose Bibs

Outdoor hose bibs are essential to any home during the summer months. They allow you to water your lawn, wash your car, and perform other outdoor activities. However, these bibs are often prone to leaks and other issues that can cause water damage to your home. Therefore, upgrading your outdoor hose bibs before the summer season is crucial.

Installing frost-free models is one of the best ways to upgrade your outdoor hose bibs. These bibs are designed to prevent freezing during cold weather, which can cause cracks and leaks. Frost-free bibs are also designed to prevent backflow, which can contaminate your water supply.

2. Install a Water Filtration System 

The water supply can become contaminated in the summer due to increased usage and higher temperatures. This can lead to unpleasant tastes and odours, making it difficult to enjoy your water. Installing a water filtration system is an excellent way to improve the quality of your water and ensure that it is safe to drink.

Several water filtration systems are available, including activated carbon filters, reverse osmosis, and UV filters. Each system has its benefits and drawbacks, so it is essential to research and choose the one that best suits your needs.

If you want to install a water filtration system in your home, working with a professional plumbing company is the best way to ensure the job is done correctly and safely. They can advise you on the best system for your home and any additional services needed to complete the job.

3. Upgrade Your Toilet

Toilets are another essential component of your plumbing system that can experience problems during summer. With increased usage, toilets can become clogged, leading to potential water damage and inconvenience. Therefore, upgrading your toilet can help prevent these issues and ensure your plumbing system runs smoothly.

Installing a low-flow model is one of the best ways to upgrade your toilet. Low-flow toilets use less water than traditional models, which can help you save money on your water bill and reduce your environmental impact. Additionally, low-flow models are also designed to prevent clogs, making them an excellent choice for high-traffic bathrooms.

4. Install a Sump Pump

Summer months can bring heavy rainfall, which can cause flooding and water damage to your home. Installing a sump pump is an excellent way to prevent these issues and protect your home from damage. Sump pumps are designed to pump excess water out of your basement or crawl space, preventing flooding and water damage.

When choosing a sump pump, it is essential to consider the size of your home and the amount of rainfall you typically receive. Moreover, choose a model with a battery backup to ensure your sump pump continues functioning even during power outages.

5. Upgrade Your Water Heater

In the summer, the demand for hot water may decrease, leading to potential issues with your water heater. Old water heaters can become inefficient and costly, leading to higher energy bills and potential breakdowns. Therefore, upgrading your water heater is an excellent way to ensure your plumbing system runs smoothly during the summer.

Installing a tankless model is one of the best ways to upgrade your water heater. Tankless water heaters are designed to heat water on demand, which can help you save money on your energy bills and reduce your environmental impact. Furthermore, tankless models are more durable and require less maintenance than traditional ones.


A plumbing upgrade for the summer season is a great way to ensure your home runs smoothly and efficiently. Working with an experienced plumber is wise as they have the expertise to do the job right the first time. Ultimately, an experienced plumber can help your home save money, increase efficiency, and provide a safe and comfortable environment for you and your family.

Do you need help with your plumbing upgrades for the summer season? Look no further than GVA Plumbing & Heating Ltd.! Our expert team of Langley plumbers has over 24 years of professional plumbing experience, so you can trust that we know our stuff. Contact us today to speak with an experienced plumber in Langley

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