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A Guide to Why and How to Repair a Noisy Water Heater

A Guide to Why and How to Repair a Noisy Water Heater
Water Heater

Your water heater is a vital home appliance that provides hot water for various purposes. This crucial device heats the water you need for a long, hot shower. It can also help homeowners wash the dishes and do the laundry more comfortably and efficiently. 

Unfortunately, like other things, it will eventually encounter wear and tear, especially if you don’t maintain it properly. It will also produce strange noises, making many homeowners think they have a haunted house. Therefore, you should schedule a call with a professional water heater repair company. 

If you want to fix your heating device proactively and protect your home, this article will enumerate the six typical noises your water heater makes and what they mean. 

6 Common Water Heater Noises and What They Mean

This section will enumerate the noises your water heater typically makes and what they mean.

1. Humming 

You shouldn’t try to identify the tune playing when your water heater makes a humming noise. Instead, it will irritate you and cause concern, indicating that you must schedule a professional water heater repair service. The humming sound typically means that loose parts inside the heater are shaking. 

Although it may be a straightforward repair you can do yourself, we only recommend it if you’re experienced with these fixing requirements and are comfortable doing it yourself. Otherwise, you’re better off letting a professional plumber handle the job instead. 

2. Popping 

When you hear popping sounds from your water heater, it’s a possible sign that you should change it, especially if you’re unsure of its lifespan. These noises indicate sediment and debris accumulating at the tank’s bottom, causing the water to trap.

If your old water heater doesn’t have a pressure-relief valve, it can lead to increased pressure that could cause the tank to explode. You should also know that an exploding tank can pose a safety risk to your house. 

3. Crackling 

When you hear crackling noises in your water heater, it usually happens due to condensation buildup on the burner and is more common in gas water heaters. Unlike other sounds that could signal a significant issue, crackling noises aren’t something you should worry about, and plumbers consider it normal. 

4. Sizzling 

Sizzling steaks sound and smell good, but no homeowner wants to hear the same sound from their water heater. This noise indicates that your water heater is experiencing an internal leakage causing water to fall onto the burner. If you previously installed a gas water heater at home, this issue may be related to the pilot light and is a common issue.

5. Ticking

If you hear ticking sounds coming from your newly installed water heater at home, it’s likely due to changes in water pressure or loose pipe straps that require tightening. Like crackling noises, your water heater is not in harm’s way and doesn’t require urgent repairs.

6. Knocking 

Hearing knocking sounds from your water heater after a shower can be alarming. However, this noise doesn’t indicate a severe issue. You typically hear the knocking noise due to water hitting the shut-off valves of the water heater too quickly. You can fix this by purchasing a water hammer arrestor from a hardware store and letting a professional plumber install it. 

When Will Your Water Heater Need a Professional Plumber?

Calling a professional plumber for a thorough inspection may be a good idea if you hear humming, knocking, sizzling, or popping. These trained experts may find issues with your water heater’s thermocouple, which may require cleaning or replacement, especially if you have an old device or previous problems.

Final Thoughts 

Hearing your water heater produce strange noises can be nerve-wracking and irritating, especially if you have an old device. You can know if it needs replacing or repairing by educating yourself about the different noises and contacting a professional plumber. 

If your home needs to schedule a professional water heater repair in Langley, call GVA Plumbing & Heating! We are a fully licensed and bonded plumbing company committed to helping homeowners enjoy a safe and efficient plumbing system. Reach us now to entrust your house in good hands!

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